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Smart Interactive Pet Ball


V›DEO URL Got a naughty pet? That’s good. Our smart interactive pet ball lets your pet play around by itself and pet owners like yourself have the best indoor experience with their pets. This automatic spinning ball attracts your pet’s...

Double-Layered Litter Trapper


V›DEO URL Is your cat messing up the room whenever it pees? Is it grabbing its litter? Our double-layered litter trapper’s high-quality plastic mat, with its trapped holes, keeps the litter inside, so even when your little friend tries to...

Automatic Pet Feeder


V›DEO URL Are you wrapped up in your pet whenever you’re taking a trip without your best friend? With our automatic pet feeder and water foundation, you don’t need to worry about its thirst and hunger anymore. Simply fill up...

Aromatized Spa Bath Ball for Pets


Do you like buying perfumes for your pet? You shouldn’t because they are not good for its health. However, we have a product whose organic essence makes your dog smell like a flower. Our spa bath ball is lavender scented....