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Smart Interactive Pet Ball

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Got a naughty pet? That’s good. Our smart interactive pet ball lets your pet play around by itself and pet owners like yourself have the best indoor experience with their pets.

This automatic spinning ball attracts your pet’s attention immediately. The red light it emits and its inherent appeal for your pet makes for a funfilled activity. With your pet keeping itself busy with its new favorite toy, you can finally enjoy a cup of coffee without all that fuss.

Thanks to its spherical and self-balancing system, the ball will automatically redirect itself upon collision with any surface, be it a wall, chair, or door, etc. Just turn on the ball and let it rip!

And don’t worry, it is totally safe for your pet.

Note: The ball can be easily charged with its USB charging cable.

How to Use Smart Interactive Pet Ball?

  • Press the ON button and the ball will automatically begin rotating 360 degrees. It will change its direction upon colliding with any considerable object in its path.
  • Press the OFF button when it’s time for your pet to rest for a while.