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Rechargeable Phosphoric Pet Collar




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Does your pet get lost in the dark? Are you afraid of cars passing through during your nightly pet walks? Not to worry. Our phosphoric pet collar is exactly what you need. The LED collar lights up in the dark so your pet is visible to all in its proximity.

Use your mornings to recharge the collar with the USB power adapter and take your pet outside in the nights without a care in the world. USB charging allows preventing battery-related adversities in the environment.

Your obvious prepurchase worry would be, “Is it safe for my pet?” Absolutely. The collar is waterproof and therefore, your pet is safe from any potential electric shocks. Moreover, it is also a comfortable wearable accessory for your pet.

We understand that your pet is unique. Therefore, we have collars in multiple sizes. Despite this, if your purchased collar does not fit your pet, simply cut through the collar using your household scissor to reach the desired size.

Lastly, the collar offers a range of options to choose from: slow flash mode, flash mode, and continuous light mode.

How to Use Rechargeable Phosphoric Pet Collar?

  • Try the collar on your pet’s neck to see if it fits.
  • If it does not fit, reduce the collar’s length using a pair of scissors.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 as required.
  • Plug in to charge after your nightly pet walk.
  • Keep the collar in a cool and dry place.