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Aromatized Spa Bath Ball for Pets

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Do you like buying perfumes for your pet? You shouldn’t because they are not good for its health. However, we have a product whose organic essence makes your dog smell like a flower.

Our spa bath ball is lavender scented. While the ball effectively removes stains from your pet’s skin and refreshes its hair, its natural essence makes your best friend smell fresh until its next bath.

The ball is perfectly safe for your pet’s skin. However, as it is only for external use, it must never be used if your pet suffers from any abnormalities including a broken mouth, macula, inflammation, swelling, and sunburn.

Ingredients of the Aroma: Baking soda, citric acid, cellulose, yuan ming powder, lavender essential oil.

How to Use Aromatized Spa Bath Ball for Pets?

  • Scour your pet’s skin with the ball for 20 minutes while keeping the water temperature below 36 degrees.
  • Enjoy your lavender-scented best friend!
We recommend that you bathe your pet with our aromatized spa bath ball at least once or twice a week.

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