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Portable Pet Carrier for Front Seat




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Does your little friend become distracting while you drive? Our portable pet carrier will keep your pet still in its place and near you while your both cruise through the streets together.

The carrier is made from breathable mesh fabric which keeps your pet comfortable while it accompanies you in your travels. Don’t forget to avail the carrier’s pockets; fill them up with treats for the little fellow!

The carrier’s frame consists of a metal road on either side which renders it durable and keeps the seat firmly in its place.

Change cars often? Not to worry. The adjustable buckle makes the carrier compatible with any car.

Its safety strap prevents sudden movements that might otherwise harm your pet, car seats from getting scratched, your pet from urinating in the car, and you from getting distracted on the road.

Lastly, the carrier is easily cleanable. Wipe, wash, or vacuum – it’s up to you to decide. With your best friend in our carrier, urine and mud stains on your car’s front seat will be the last thing you’ll worry about.

How to Use Portable Pet Carrier for Front Seat?

  • Get the small strap through the front headrest.
  • Clip the longer strap onto the metal hoops.
  • Get the longer strap through the headrest.
  • Drive safe!

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