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Reusable Pet Hair Remover



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Getting tired of vacuuming surfaces and washing clothes to get rid of all the hair your pet leaves behind?

Forget all pet hair removers you have ever used. Our reusable pet hair remover will provide you with a faster and more efficient cleaning experience.

The remover is safe to use on your clothes, sheets, beds, car seats, and sofas. With its double-sided cleaning design and electrostatic extracting capability, you will be able to clean large surfaces in significantly lesser times.

There is no specified usage limit on the product, although it is recommended that you replace it with a new one once its polyester silk layer gets damaged.

It’s light, it’s small – it’s portable, it’s perfect! If your doubts continue to persist, please watch our explanatory video and brace yourselves for a surprise!


How to Use Reusable Pet Hair Remover?

  • Pull the brush from its container.
  • Sweep the surface against the direction of bristles to collect hair efficiently.
  • After brushing, put the brush back in its container.
  • Pull the brush out to clean it up.
  • Open the bottom of the pet hair remover and dispose of the hair.