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Slow Feeding Food Bowl

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Is your pet having a hard time digesting? Is it eating excessively? Is his diet unmonitored? Let us offer a solution.

Pets that consume excessively often face problems like indigestion and obesity as they grow up. The slow feeding bowl is designed to prevent your friend’s fast and frequent eating habits.

Simultaneously, our slow feeding food bowl, with anti-slip rubbers at its bottom, prevents your pet from spilling food around. With its durability, the bowl can withstand any of your friend’s rogue attempts at tearing and breaking it.

Made of Food Contact Materials (FCMs), the bowl is safe and healthy for your pet. Furthermore, you can clean the bowl quite easily; simply put it in the dishwasher, wait for the cycle to finish, and refill the bowl for your beloved pet.

How to Use Slow Feeding Food Bowl?

  • Put the usual amount of food inside the bowl.
  • Let your pet savor its food slowly and easily.